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Its 7/9/16. Its hard to keep this updated but I try as much as i can to keep it up to date. Illl be bakkkk gotta run to the music

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Songwriter, Writer, Actor, Model, SECURITY!!!

What's up ya'll this AJTheKid... I'm a humble man who recently changed my life. When my Mentor passed away, I almost quit music. After changing my life, myself, and my bad habbits. It took a while, a couple legal situations and close calls, but I still didn't learn. It wasnt until I was arrested for a crime I didn't do....sitting in jail for some thing I didn't do really made me assess my life, past and present and my choices. Shortly after I got out, I found myself back on the block..... (Yes I know I thought I learned). 3 days out of jail, long story short I almost got sent back. I got blessed and got a citation. At that moment I new I had to change. I ended up changing my lifestyle by moving a little farther away and waking up every morning and going to san francisco. Every morning wake up and go to a different enviorment, different people... it was interesting how things worked out....... I ended up signing up for school and got back into music. I love it. I'm going to continue to push my music where ever it can go.... I hope to engage your mind and give you something to slap. Aside from that I am a Actor, and Model. I have a 3 year non exclusive contract with an agent who sets me up with commercials, modeling gigs, and TV shows, while im in the bay area.... Depending on which career takes off first... I'll always continue my music. I love poetry and expressing myself through music and riddles.... sometimes I'll say some things that can be interpreted in many ways... Good figuring it out or HOLLA!!!

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First R&B Track that got Featured on 50s site -

6/14/2016 - What's up with all my folks! So far the tour is going great! Meeting a lot of cool people and networking with alot of people i've always wished to meet. You know this Tour is the first tour ive ever done. I was nervous for my first show but once I got into my performace everything went great. Each show went better and better and in LA they werent ready for the Bay Area Kid. My tour picks back up on the 22nd of this month... the same day that MY ALBUM DROPSS!!!! The show is in LA at the Complex, then my last show is in Santa Ana. Hit me up for more details and if you want to check me out you can find me on soundcloud or most of my music is on here. I have to admit it is hard to Tour, make music, collab with other artists, besides my life responsibilities upkeeping my website can be a little tough... anyway thanks for support the KID... I Also have to say my first EP is called "Your Neighborhoodly Whiteboy" - Frisco 2 Tha O". It is mostly hood music because that's how I grew up. I have grown and matured a little bit and humbled myself so I am trying to be more universal and have songs everyone can enjoy. I learned a couple harsh lessons that made me rethink what I used to do and made the decision to change.... now don't think the Marine in me is gone, and my experiences that have shaped me and gave me a variety of skills are gone. I'm just humble now.

5/28/2016 -Whats up folks a new update.... Im starting my Tour Sunday at New Karribean City in the Town  "Oakland, CA" lets get this shit cracking say your there for AJTheKid at the door and for a special gift at the end of my performance.

What's up to all my folks! This is AJTheKid... and these are THE PLANSSSSSSS... My first EP "Your Neighborhoodly Whiteboy" will be released on June 22nd 2016. By the first week of June you should be able to preorder it! I also am releasing a dope single called "I Used to Dream" 5/22/2016. I know just a few days!....I have a few released singles already. They will be on my EP. 
I got featured on 50 Cents website. This was the interview bio they did on me. If you want to check it out go to "" go to the seach and type in ajthekid.  
I also have an exclusive interview with Dopeeramagazine which you can see at ...!Dope-Era-Magazine-Exclusive-With-Aj-The-Kid/cjds/57304fb00cf20cbfb295a17c
and I will also be in their upcoming issue that comes out on May 27th. Dont sleep on the kid! Check me out!
I will be going on tour starting June 5th - the 22nd. Starting at New Karribean City in Oakland, Then to Blue Lamp in Sacramento, to LA and so forth... 
Anyway thanks for the support folks and I hope to keep bringing you music that makes your head bob

Check me out on IG - ajthekid415

First Feature on 50 Cents Website back in 5/16
My Bio From 50Cents Website
Young White/Arab San Francisco Native running through the Fillmore District as a Teenager. Also growing up being called Slim Shady, though not because of his lyrical talent and simply because he was just a white boy in the hood, From Downtown to Uptown he dwelled in the Moe, until he joined the Marines of out high school. When he returned from the Military, the City was way to expensive so he moved to East Oakland (a few blocks from 90s) and shortly after found himself hanging out with his favorite rappers. One of them The Jacka. The Jacka took AJ under his wing showed him as much as he could with the time they had, while also getting helped by rapper "Lil Rue", "A1", "Remy Red", and though only once got a few pointers from "Mistab Fab" and "San Quinn" The Jacka ended up passing and AJ almost gave up on music. Recently after going through many struggles including addiction, AJ has remained clean and pursued his rapping career as "The Jacka" always told him to see it thru. He is currently working on his first of three 5 Track EP's and the First 5 track EP "Your Neighborhoodly White Boy" should be coming out in the next few months. He is releasing a few of the songs to promote the EP. "Living my Life" feat Alma Rosae Prod. by Kontrabandbeatz and Froze like a Manacian" Ft Lil Rue. He makes music with KontrabandBeatz, but as an unsigned Artist/Songwritter he continues to pursue his passion of Poetry, Songwriting, Doing Art, and helping people better their lives. He hopes to bring a new awareness to the "hood" life kids have to live in regardless "if their about that life or not". He also raps about his experience in transitioning from being a Infantry Marine (a trained killer) to moving back to the civilian life but also to a area where the skills he learned in the military saved his life, a few others and helped him make many connections in the neighborhood. He hopes to motivate other like himself to be deaf to the ignorance and the people telling you, you wont make it, to concentrating on what you want and being positive and believing it will all work out as long as you stay consistent and are driven by passion, not money or will get your shot. Follow AJTheKid on IG @addison415 

Checkout  my exclusive interview with DopeEraMagazine at -!Dope-Era-Magazine-Exclusive-With-Aj-The-Kid/cjds/57304fb00cf20cbfb295a17c

If you would like to contact me you can reach me at if its urgent. If not email May peace be with you!

Mobbin Til I Die always 11 and times 3 if you can relate. I'm always headed to the East.