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Whats up folks I know its been a while since I left a blog, but I've been featured on multiple websites with a few articles and 50 cents website 2 more times. Things are looking pretty good. I did a 7 show Tour called 'Get Money Stop Hatin' Tour with Cory Gunz and Shanell "SNL" from young money along with alot of other talented rappers. That really broke the ice for me once I did my first show I was addicted. It definitely was a alot with all the traveling and planning and organizing and running out of breath when I RAP!!! LOL but it was all good experience and good networking for me. I dropped my EP "Your Neighborhoodly Whiteboy" on June 22nd as planned, its been out and slapping if you didn't know. I am waiting on physical CD's to go Distribute but you can order them from cdbaby.com if you look my album up. Since my tour and releasing of my EP and my Single "I Use to Dream" I have 2 more singles coming out in the next month. One will drop in 2 weeks from 7/21. Its a serious song about alot of issues going on and a lot of things people dont usually think about all the time when making connections with all the issues going on around us. The other is one for the lady's but not like "I Use to Dream" its a club song make you wanna take your man home and make some noise song.... HAAAA but anyway I hoped on The Morning Glory Tour for my man Spencer Bonds to do some performances and some more shows before I start school back up next month.... But until then im chillen, making music, writing, and looking forward to school and releasing my next ep "What They Want" Oct 11. I will continue to drop singles every month or 6 weeks that's my goal aside from my EP's and mixtapes.... but thats all I can think of for now folks.... besides getting to Stockton right now to go get it cracking and perform 1 love, stay safe.... Folks Lets Tap in and Make some Magic.... What i gotta do?

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    Mobbin Til I Die always 11 and times 3 if you can relate. I'm always headed to the East.