The first time I got a message to be featured on 50Cents website

As the days went by as i got back into my music career.. I started working with a producer and writing and selling songs to get back into the game. I start noticing on my Instagram more and more big named Producers/Rappers were starting to request to add me because at the time my account was private. I ended up geting a message from a Big shot producer and writer for 50 Cents website and magazine. Out of all the bay area and San Francisco rapper he chose me to feature. I was almost unprepared but I pulled it together and got everything done (though i had to skip school for 2 days) to do a photoshoot and a skype interview and bam all of a sudden I was on 50Cents website getting featured... my phones blowing up, im getting instagram messages it was really crazy to see peoples attitudes change towards me when they thought oh maybe he might be famous let me get back in with him now. LOL. Unfortunately im not doing it for the fame. I'll admit the attention is nice. Who does'nt like positive attention. So now here I am really getting down to the nitty gritty with the music and am having to make major decisions that this is something im going to go with 110% and not look back. I hope yall enjoy what i have upcoming for yall!. Be Well!

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