New Blog New Blog OMG I got a interview with DopeEra Magazine 0.0

Check Out my Exclusive Interview -!Dope-Era-Magazine-Exclusive-With-Aj-The-Kid/cjds/57304fb00cf20cbfb295a17c

Whats up folks... Ajthekid here... its about 2 am i just got home from another unusual night. It was fun but different. Besides that I found out a piece of the Interview i did with Dopeeramagazine got uploaded on IG. DOPENESS! Dopeera Magazine is a one of a kind magazine that is all about the community and helping artists and upcoming artists like myself. Though I do know a lot of artists from mutual events and mutual friends its still a huge industry and world.... so while I work my way up hopefully DopeEraMagazine will follow me all the way to the top and continue to fuck with me cuz I will always fuck and rep dopeeramagazine. My exclusive Interview will be posted on the DopeEra Website just look it up on google. The video should be up by 5/9 In the morning at some point. Anyway you can see a clip on Instagram @dopeeramagazine and check me out at @Addison415. Besides that bunk ass Game of Thrones episode tonight im guna go smoke some weed and knock out. 1 Love Yall. Stay Well!

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    Mobbin Til I Die always 11 and times 3 if you can relate. I'm always headed to the East.