J Stalin Show July 21st Dont miss it Last Show was over Capacity!!!!!!!!!

J Stalin Show July 21st Dont miss it Last Show was over Capacity!!!!!!!!!

Nef The Pharoah and AjTheKid filling up the complex on June 25th.... read info or hit link for tix

Nef The Pharoah and AjTheKid filling up the complex on June 25th.... read info or hit link for tix

Welcome to my Den The Icons Lead to my IG,Website,Etc.. Brand New SINGLEEE!!! Just DroppeD!

Lil Snippet of the song Im Going to release to promote the FINAL EP "Who Am I" Track Name - "Keep it Litty" and now i have finalized my verse so here is the new vid. Changed a few words... Here thy is and its ready for a feature!
Listen to the My First EP, or my hit song playing on the radio from my second EP "Mob With Me" released 12/11/2015 "Ain't No Telling" or "Real 1's Around Me Ft Lil Rue". Im working up my final 3rd EP for this EP trilogy. After this next Album which I can gaurentee you will be very good, I will be on to releasing albums and hopefully at that time have mastered the craft and improved greatly from track to track. I will be dropping a Single to Promote my 3rd and final EP called "Who Am I" the song I will be leaking will be called "Keep it Litty" you can hear a sneak peak on my instagram!

Got @ajthekid415 In The Lab Vibin W Me As I Make Another Hidden Gem Waiting To Be Discovered 💯

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Update - Working on the 3rd EP - Track - Keep it Litty will be leak'd soon. "Who Am I" Release Date TBA
If anyone wants to collab email me.

2nd EP of the TRILOGY WILL BE AVALIABLE FOR PRE ORDER in the next few days. It is an album full of slappers.... so on 12/11 remember to cop "Mob With Me" by AJTheKid, if you pre order it you will receive 2 bonus tracks from the album before it comes out!
Click the Link Below to listen....
NEW HIT SINGLE "AIN'T NO TELLING" - Full Track of "Ain't No Telling" 
I've released this single to promote my next EP which is (Number 2 of the EP Trilogy) It is called "Mob With Me" followed by the 3rd and final EP of the Trilogy called "Who Am I". If you listen to my first EP and this new song, you might hear a little difference. I might have started to get further into perfecting my craft and its been a fun ride.... so... with all these new tracks I have. I will be releasing one every month starting today... so listen and enjoy my new track, get ready for my next EP Oct 11th and my singles that will be dropping every month aside from my other projects! Get Sum! 1love

Bruno's was DOPE!!! Next Show coming but a New single is droppppin first!

9/2 Bruno Show was Dope... Been talking to some Labels recently but really I will only fuck with one label... oh yea NEW SINGLES DROPPING in the next few weeks!

What's up yall, its AjTheKid typing to you a lil early on the west coast. I just wanted to say for everyone who heard me on the radio and enjoyed what I had to say about my music and how I go about things..... you have my praise... I've updated mostly everything here links to all social media's and the tracks uploaded on other sites from days ago... Anyway things should be good. If anyone has a question or maybe wants me to write about something... dont hesitate to interact... I love to interact with my friends... that's right my friends. I don't see my fans as fans I see them as friends, because obviously we made some connection through a principal or something through my music.... anyway 1 love. Stay True.

My First EP DROPPPPEEEDDD! Click the Album to Listen or Buy....It will be on Itunes asap

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The EP is OUT! You can find it anywhere! You can get the actual CD in the bay area or order it from www.cdbaby.com/ajthekid4..... Listen to the new EP or my few singles. Im working on my next EP which should be released Around Oct 11th! Then the 3rd and Final of the EP Trilogy will drop New Years Eve!... until then i will continue to release singles and work on as many projects as I can. Check out all my music on ReverbNation at - https://www.reverbnation.com/ajthekid11 or On SoundCloud at www.soundcloud.com/ajthekid11

School and Music 

Finally started school back up so music is on the back burner... but that wont stop me from releasing a track every month and releasing my next EP called "Mob with Me" Oct 11 2016. Mob with me folks! Keep it 100!

Updates that I can think of right now 

Whats up folks I know its been a while since I left a blog, but I've been featured on multiple websites with a few articles and 50 cents website 2 more times. Things are looking pretty good. I did a 7 show Tour called 'Get Money Stop Hatin' Tour with Cory Gunz and Shanell "SNL" from young money along with alot of other talented rappers. That really broke the ice for me once I did my first show I was addicted. It definitely was a alot with all the traveling and planning and organizing and running out of breath when I RAP!!! LOL but it was all good experience and good networking for me. I dropped my EP "Your Neighborhoodly Whiteboy" on June 22nd as planned, its been out and slapping if you didn't know. I am waiting on physical CD's to go Distribute but you can order them from cdbaby.com if you look my album up. Since my tour and releasing of my EP and my Single "I Use to Dream" I have 2 more singles coming out in the next month. One will drop in 2 weeks from 7/21. Its a serious song about alot of issues going on and a lot of things people dont usually think about all the time when making connections with all the issues going on around us. The other is one for the lady's but not like "I Use to Dream" its a club song make you wanna take your man home and make some noise song.... HAAAA but anyway I hoped on The Morning Glory Tour for my man Spencer Bonds to do some performances and some more shows before I start school back up next month.... But until then im chillen, making music, writing, and looking forward to school and releasing my next ep "What They Want" Oct 11. I will continue to drop singles every month or 6 weeks that's my goal aside from my EP's and mixtapes.... but thats all I can think of for now folks.... besides getting to Stockton right now to go get it cracking and perform 1 love, stay safe.... Folks Lets Tap in and Make some Magic.... What i gotta do?

Releasing my new Single "I Used To Dream" In 3 days! 

Ok Folks I did something a little different a little universal I might be from the "Hood" and all with a reputation but I have also grown up and changed some of my ways and my mind. Besides my hood songs I came up with a R and B song that has to do with past and present relationship of myself, my friends, in high school what I would see couples going through and mostly everything it entails... This is a track for the couples, the lovers, the hopeless romantics... I hope you all enjoy the track!

New Blog New Blog OMG I got a interview with DopeEra Magazine 0.0  

Check Out my Exclusive Interview - http://www.dopeeramagazine.com/#!Dope-Era-Magazine-Exclusive-With-Aj-The-Kid/cjds/57304fb00cf20cbfb295a17c

Whats up folks... Ajthekid here... its about 2 am i just got home from another unusual night. It was fun but different. Besides that I found out a piece of the Interview i did with Dopeeramagazine got uploaded on IG. DOPENESS! Dopeera Magazine is a one of a kind magazine that is all about the community and helping artists and upcoming artists like myself. Though I do know a lot of artists from mutual events and mutual friends its still a huge industry and world.... so while I work my way up hopefully DopeEraMagazine will follow me all the way to the top and continue to fuck with me cuz I will always fuck and rep dopeeramagazine. My exclusive Interview will be posted on the DopeEra Website just look it up on google. The video should be up by 5/9 In the morning at some point. Anyway you can see a clip on Instagram @dopeeramagazine and check me out at @Addison415. Besides that bunk ass Game of Thrones episode tonight im guna go smoke some weed and knock out. 1 Love Yall. Stay Well!

The first time I got a message to be featured on 50Cents website 

As the days went by as i got back into my music career.. I started working with a producer and writing and selling songs to get back into the game. I start noticing on my Instagram more and more big named Producers/Rappers were starting to request to add me because at the time my account was private. I ended up geting a message from a Big shot producer and writer for 50 Cents website and magazine. Out of all the bay area and San Francisco rapper he chose me to feature. I was almost unprepared but I pulled it together and got everything done (though i had to skip school for 2 days) to do a photoshoot and a skype interview and bam all of a sudden I was on 50Cents website getting featured... my phones blowing up, im getting instagram messages it was really crazy to see peoples attitudes change towards me when they thought oh maybe he might be famous let me get back in with him now. LOL. Unfortunately im not doing it for the fame. I'll admit the attention is nice. Who does'nt like positive attention. So now here I am really getting down to the nitty gritty with the music and am having to make major decisions that this is something im going to go with 110% and not look back. I hope yall enjoy what i have upcoming for yall!. Be Well!
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    Stork Club, Telegraph, Oakland

    The Morning Glory Tour with Spencer Bonds and Wes Period... I will be joining these talented rappers to put on a bit of a show myself to warm them up to get the club rocking


    Get Money Stop Hatin Tour

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    Five Star Bar, 267 South Main Street, Los Angeles, CA

    I will be performing and will perform a a few unrealeased songs from my upcoming EP "Your Neighborhoodly Whiteboy" which will be released June 22nd!


    Get Money Stop Hatin Tour

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    Blue Lamp, 1200 Alhambra Blvd, Sacramento, CA

    I will be performing and will perform a a few unrealeased songs from my upcoming EP "Your Neighborhoodly Whiteboy" which will be released June 22nd!

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